Tupelo Awning


Have you ever been to an auction? Both my grandfather and father were auctioneers. Growing up in this fun environment, I learned to appreciate the true quality and uniqueness of different types of home furnishings. 
My passion for this led me to become a vendor at an antiques and collectibles  market in Miami Beach for 11 years.
I always wanted to take it to the next level, and open a store. A store that reflects my personal decor style, which mixes something new, with something old, and gives your home a distinct personality.
Now, my store Tupelo Interiors reflects my “Yesterday’s Classics, Today’s Design” mantra and carries merchandise from all eras and styles.
It is fun, funky and affordable. I know you will find it inspiring and very serendipitous, as you never know what you will find–just like the auctions I went to as a kid.
– Ron Weinstein

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